The need for better orthodontic treatment is the impetus for development of orthodontic appliances. A new, more efficient and less costly appliance is manufactured and marketed every day. Some companies offer orthodontic services as part of their comprehensive dental care package. An orthodontic aligner is a type of dental appliance used to change the position of teeth. It is generally made of transparent plastic, with cusps or bumps on it that fit against the teeth to gradually move them into the right position.

An aligner covers just about all aspects of oral hygiene, which helps in maintaining healthy teeth. Mostly people use them for cosmetic reasons but they can also be used to correct bite problems like an overbite or even grinding and clenching habits like bruxism.

Invisalign is the brand name of the popular braces that help you straighten your teeth without having to get metal brackets and wires on your teeth. The treatments are not visible and they're removable. A company that offers patients the option to straighten their teeth without ever removing them from the mouth, an invisalign aligner is a device which holds your teeth in place, gradually moving them into the perfect position over time.

These aligners are custom molded to your teeth and take impressions of your teeth for this purpose.The invisalign process is designed to be carried out under the supervision of your dentist for precision and safety reasons. The aligners, which are made of a flexible type of plastic, work by gradually moving your teeth into position. You wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, taking them out only to eat and brush your teeth before putting in a new set and repeating the process until your teeth are straightened.