Dentistry is the medical specialty concerned with the health, well-being, and prevention of diseases and conditions affecting the teeth and gums. Dentists are specialists in their field who are capable of diagnosing, preventing, and treating oral health problems. They treat patients of all ages who suffer from both chronic and acute dental disease. To minimise patient discomfort, these doctors employ a variety of tools, including drills (to remove decay), ultrasonic scalers (to remove tartar), and lasers.

Pediatric dentists care for children's oral health. Additionally, they are referred to as paediatric dental specialists or paediatric dentists.

Pediatric dentists treat infants, children, adolescents, and young adults with preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services. They collaborate with parents to instil healthy oral hygiene habits in their children. The paediatric dentist's preventive services include routine check-ups and fluoride treatments for both children and adolescents.

Numerous factors can contribute to a child's tooth problems, including thumb sucking, mouth injuries, and tooth decay from drinking too much sugary liquids such as juice or soda. The best way for a parent to prevent these issues is to brush their child's teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and to take them to the paediatric dentist on a regular basis.

Historically, dentistry was not a well-respected profession. However, times are changing and there are more people aspiring to be dentists.

The primary responsibility of a dentist is to ensure that a person's teeth are healthy and free of cavities or disease. Additionally, they ensure that the individual's teeth are in good condition and that he or she has a pleasant smile. They accomplish this by providing treatment, which may include routine check-ups, cavity filling, infection treatment, and plaque removal from tooth surfaces.

A dentist is constantly looking for ways to improve their skills by studying new techniques and conducting research on novel methods of performing certain tasks. This distinguishes them as critical members of any team because they can help prevent emergencies by identifying potential problems early in life.